Stock Exchange Indices

Value Move %
FTSE 100
6806.9399 +85.3999 +1.27%
FTSE 250
17653.2598 +160.9493 +0.92%
FTSE 350
3763.9399 +45.1899 +1.22%
FTSE All Shares
3715.7900 +43.57 +1.19%
Dow Jones
24473.5391 -246.3711 -1%
7158.0000 -250 -3.37%

Meet Direct Financial Planning Team Member Alex

    01634 730800

    Direct Financial Planning Team Member Alex
    Independent Financial Adviser

    After leaving university and working in the City of London for four years, Alex decided that it was time for a change.  

    Alex liked the idea of joining his father’s firm and is now an established and valuable member of the team since 2013.  With his four years’ experience in financial services, Alex feels providing clients with the highest level of financial advice will be achieved by continuing to study and adding to his wealth of qualifications.

    As a relatively young adviser, Alex’s mission is to raise the awareness of his generation about the importance of financial planning for a comfortable future.  

    Away from the office, Alex plays rugby for his local club and tries to play golf as often as possible.